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Censorship Only Exists on Someone Else's Platform

Yesterday while doing my nightly routine of browsing through TikTok videos for a couple of hours, (don't act like social media doesn't get you caught up for many hours), I stumbled across a video about A Letter to America, a letter that Osama Bin Laden wrote to America in 2002 following the 9/11 World Trade Center incident. Up until now, I had never heard of this letter and I vaguely remembered hearing that there was a bombing at the World Trade Center in 1993.

So much like all of you, I decided to go down a rabbit hole to see what information I could fine. On the original video, the girl was sharing that she originally read the letter on The Guardian, but once her video went viral online, the letter was removed from the platform. Of course that prompted me to search even harder for the video. It must be real good if a whole news and media outlet removed it because the topic went viral online.

After some extensive digging, I found an X (formally Twitter) thread with a link to Of course, the link was not loading so I went back to TikTok to see if anyone had more information in the comments. One heroic user reposted copies of the letter to their TikTok as a photo slider for anyone who wanted to read it. Jackpot. While reading, I started laughing to myself at the language and claims Osama Bin Laden used. This is an infamous terrorist in the 90s and early 2000s calling America out on all their shhh. Although he presented many facts that I find myself in agreement with today, he did present some information that I could not agree with. Please see below for a copy of the letter.

a letter to america
Download PDF • 6.02MB

What I Gleaned from "A Letter to America"

As a disclaimer, I'd like to reiterate that there were many truths within this letter that should be addressed, but don't be distracted by the cloak of deception as well.


  1. America is a bully, plain and simple. They collaborate with countries like Britain, France, Spain, and the state of Israel to colonize and wreak havoc on other nations. Look at what’s happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If it had not been for child labor and oppression, I wouldn’t even be able to share this information.

  2. The blood of the oppressed will be avenged but by The Most High. We have no might in our hands to enact revenge.

  3. America and other countries believe (or perpetuate) that those residing in the state of Israel today are the rightful heirs to that land although they migrated there from Spain, Russia, and Germany. Look more into the Ashkenaz and refer back to Genesis 10 which will reveal the families that extended from Noah’s 3 sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And we know that The Most High’s Nation came from the line of Abraham which came from Shem.

  4. America has definitely run the biggest scam in the entire world which is colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide by stealing natural resources and planting military bases wherever they desire to maintain control.

  5. America is still fueling and supporting oppression, lies, immorality, and debauchery today.

  6. America has used force to destroy mankind.

  7. Freedom and democracy is for the white race only.


  1. A religious group is not the nation The Most High set apart. The Most High’s Nation was brought forth out of the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Nowhere in scripture does it say that The Most High made His people a religion - He made them a nation from a distinct bloodline who had their own set of laws, the Torah given to Moses. Over time, people have decided to make The Most High’s laws into a religion when it was literally a law book for His people. Similar to the Constitution in the US.

  2. The blood of the oppressed will be avenged, but by The Most High. We have no might in our hands to enact revenge because The Most High’s people don’t even have a land anymore. Which means no military, no government, and barely any unity.

  3. The entire world assimilating to religion will not solve the problem.

Final Thoughts about the Letter

The overarching problem is that the true nation of The Most High disobeyed Him by assimilating to other cultures and following false gods and because of this, they were sent into various captivities, scattered across the four corners of the earth, removed from their true land, and stripped from their language and any knowledge of who they were before they became enslaved in various lands such as Spain, Portugal, England, America, and the Caribbean. The Most High set apart a Nation to Himself, not a state. Just keep that in mind.

Accepting the Hard Truth

A sister messaged me on TikTok last night asking me to speak on the subject.

Little did she know it my intention was to present all of this information today. I went to TikTok to see what the latest content was regarding the topic and much to my surprise (not really), all of it was gone!

I said, wow this is crazy! I made a reaction video regarding this new update and shared it to my profile.

I wasn't too surprised that the entire topic was wiped from TikTok. I was slightly annoyed though because if your thoughts contradict any of the interests of these platforms, they will literally ban you. But my husband raised a super important point that he speaks on a lot. Imagine if you had your own platform and people were on there berating you and talking crazy about the things you support. Wouldn't you censor and ban them too? The problem isn't that they censor the content they allow on their platforms. One problem is that we expect them to allow any and everything on their platforms even if it goes against their "Community Guidelines." Another problem is that we'd rather complain about censorship than to build our own platforms.

I also recommend watching Watch Before They Delete: The Covert Mission To Silence The Truth | We Need Our Own Platforms. It speaks to the gangstalking and covert missions that those in power use to keep everyone else subjected.

We haven't done enough to ensure the safe space for our people. Why haven't we tried to separate? And when we do, why don't we support it? I realized that I've been thinking about this whole thing wrong. I can't be mad when I'm censored or banned on someone else's platform. Let's start creating spaces where we don't have to live in fear and subjection to someone else's standards.

If you want to be a part of communities that support the true identity of The Most High's nation, restoration of the descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and unification of the Diaspora, please visit the United Nation of Yisrael, Hebrew Planet, The Congregation of The Mighty, and The Almighty's House of Ivriyah.

If you don't take active steps to change your situation, then you are contributing and supporting the problem.

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