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Are Cyber Attacks the New Normal?

What cyber attacks could mean for you and how to prepare.

Leave the World Behind, a Netflix original film, aired on December 8, 2023. Full of isolation, synchronized chaos, civil war, and ultimately collapse, the film posed the question of what to do in the event of a cyber attack on the United States. Although sources reviewed the movie as “eerily realistic,” the days of impending cyber attacks seem to be more of a reality than some may want to admit. 

Let’s flashback to January 2021. The World Economic Forum in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted an exercise simulating a cyber attack with “covid-like characteristics.” A solution posed during this simulation would be to disconnect from the Internet for a couple of days. 

Although it could present a temporary solution, the socioeconomic effects of an intentional blackout could result in something much more detrimental. Transportation, economics, healthcare, and many more industries systems coming to a halt could have permanent damage to our society. We saw a glimpse of this in Leave the World Behind. Forcing an event like this could be more than just “preparation” for something later down the line out of our control. It could be a warning or the beginning. 

Now let’s flashback to October 2019. The World Economic Forum hosted Event 201, an exercise that simulated a pandemic similar to Covid-19. In October 2019, the first case of coronavirus was recorded in China which developed into a years-long global pandemic that has changed the scope of life since. 

I bring this out to say that the same organization that simulated Covid-19 before it became a reality also simulated a covid-like cyber attack. Does that mean that cyber attacks could be the new normal? Leave the World Behind showed us that it could become more of a reality than we think. Even before the movie dropped on the 8th, we saw a glimpse of this on November 25 when the Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa was hacked by an Iranian cyber group. Sources say, “A piece of computer technology that monitors water pressure suddenly shut down and a message appeared on its screen. The authority immediately shut down its automated system and resumed operations manually, adding that it was able to maintain service without interruption.” Although this attack did not cause operations to cease, an attack of that magnitude is not far off. 

3 days after Leave the World Behind released on Netflix, a cyber attack initiated by China struck “a water utility in Hawaii, a major West Coast port, and at least one oil and gas pipeline. The hackers also attempted to break into the operator of Texas’s power grid, which operates independently from electrical systems in the rest of the country.” 

Seems as if the simulation and movie have become a reality. What would happen if we no longer had access to our water utilities, electrical grids, or shipping ports? Would that not mean complete isolation from the rest of the world, our major necessities, and any communication we could make to try to get help? Wouldn't that cut us off from water, food, and shelter? Is that what's next for us? Is it more than just a movie or a simulation? Is this real life?

Instead of living in fear of what's to come, how can we prepare?

First, you must seek ways to distance and detach yourself as much as possible from this system. That includes having your own land with its own water source, growing your own food, having your own house, and stocking yourself with any supplies you may need if you could no longer access main society. 

You should also unify with likeminded people who seek to do the same thing. There is strength in numbers and the more community you surround yourself with, the better. For over a year now, my friends and family have been encouraging our network to invest in building our own communities. Not just because being set apart was a command from The Most High, but also because we knew days such as these were to come. There’s no reason to live in fear of what could happen when you’re preparing yourself for when it does happen.

Many influencers and content creators today get off on fearmongering their fan base into supporting their channels although they don’t offer any solutions to the problems they present. The days of letting that slide are over, and a new generation of people are putting action behind their words. It’s important to stay updated and knowledgeable of things to come, but don’t let all of your knowledge be in vain by not doing what needs to be done. 

The movie told us exactly what to do: leave the world behind and get back to the earth.

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Originally published on The Dejyah Network.

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