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as a sister of the house, YOu commit to



& righteousness.

Ivriyahs, [sisters of The House) are a set apart type of womban. Ivriyahs have certain, rare qualities that make her a beacon of light that shines in a dim world.

Who we look for

The Almighty's House of Ivriyah encourages all woman to stand up for restoration, empowerment, charity, and righteousness. We especially look for forward-thinking womban that embody the following characteristics after the Proverbial Womban of Mishlei [Proverbs) 31

Hebrew Girls.png

Those are a lot of empowering qualities to have. It's okay if you don't have them all! When you become Ivriyah you are striving to be the best womban you can be. It's a work in progress. No one is perfect. We are all in states of perfection. Join the Ivriyah lifestyle to maintain and grow your most empowered you.