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4 point thrust

iniatives we focus on for re-establishing ivriyah order.

The Almighty's House of Ivriyah​ raises awareness of the challenges of the women of the 12 indigenous tribes by developing an ecosystem that caters to kindling conversation, redistributing resources, and upholding the nobility of the indigenous culture.

Most of our people come from the indigenous heritage which has been lost.

We strive to connect them back with their indigenous identity heritage which helps them move forward in their daily lives. In collaboration with our partners, resources, and social enterprises, we re-establish the order of eternal empowerment for Ivriyah women through economic development, wealth circulation and establishment, community restoration, and health rehabilitation. 

Community Garden
Community Restoration & Unification
Business Consultation
Economic Development & Wealth Circulation
Woman Stretching
Health Awareness & Rehabilitation
Mother and Daughter
Ivriyah Wombanhood
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