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to the mission.

make a one-time donation or join our monthly housekeeper's club.

The value of money isn't what it can buy, but how many it can help. When you contribute to the Almighty's House of Ivriyah you support the solutions to our people's economic, educational, political, social, and systemic disenfranchisement. 

Become a Keeper of the House: Your contribution will restore the realm.

The Most High has laid on His Ivriyahs the honor and responsibility of restoring the House. As the nurturers, caretakers,and nails in the tent, it is up to us to maintain the righteous Order.

Our House Keepers are givers. They understand that without their time, attention, love, and devotion the House would not stand. Aiding in the restoration of your sisters is more than a responsibility. It’s an inheritance.

Make a monthly commitment that’s right for you.
Our HouseKeepers can choose their level of endowment.

As a member of The Almighty’s HOI HouseKeepers Club, you’ll gain access to our community and sisterhood. Our House Keepers receive a key to the House - meaning that you have access to all things in the House. Here you have a place to foster community, network with like-minded sisters, and support the mission of reestablishing the righteous Order. You are aiding in the growth and elevation of all Ivriyahs.

The Almighty’s HOI HouseKeepers Club is an easy way to show your virtuosity and love for our sisters in every corner of the world. 


Thank you for uplifting your sisters and rehabilitating our community.