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We are Being Socially Engineered

In Malcom X’s Grassroots speech, he mentioned that we must obey the law.

Today, we are seeing children being arrested for crimes although they cannot be held criminally liable for offenses in countries like Australia. If we haven’t experienced an unpleasant encounter with law enforcement, we know someone who has and can find one on the internet. According to Brittanica, police brutality began to rise after WWII which is when the population of Black people began to grow in the cities such as Detroit. Drug culture was introduced in the 80s to Black America. Kanekalon hair was introduced to the black community in the 1960s. Skin bleaching and lightening were introduced to black Americans in the 1920s. The examples I provided are exemplifications of how we are being socially engineered for continuous consumerism and labor.


The primary sources we have access to from previous years brought me to the conclusion that we are being socially engineered for consumerism and labor purposes. Just as I am studying history to see where we can improve and pick up where our family and ancestors left off, is the same way an organization or corporate group could for capitalism purposes. During the 1960s and 1970s, afros were worn heavily. Kanekalon hair was introduced during this period. The Kaneka hair company’s ordinary income is ¥32,411 million. That is 206,782,180 American dollars. If we are busy spending our money with other demographic of race organizations, we can’t fund our own organizations to run successfully.

The law is used to harness order in a country however, it is enforced by a public service that can be an agency that charges you for their enforcement. This can be a money-making scheme. Some prisons are privately operated, but the government does rely on private corporations to run its prison systems when deemed necessary. For a corporation to stay in business, it has to make a profit.

Private corporations make deals with the government to provide a service for the prisoner or prisoners. The government has a choice to either outsource for its business needs or keep it in-house. Going the in-house route requires the utilization of their own resources which requires money to fund which correlates to the horrible conditions of the prisons and jails. They are incarcerating people they don’t have room for. This is when a private corporation comes in. They can charge the government a fee to house and take care of the prisoner. If the private corporation wanted to, they could cut costs on the services it takes to operate a healthy facility to retain profit and that is also how poor conditions are created in the facilities as well.

Prison labor is also a common practice in private prisons. Over 4000 corporations make money from mass incarceration in the USA. Not only are they forced to work, but it is also marketed as a way to gain experience for when the inmate returns to living in a civilian reality. Sometimes they’re paid pennies or not paid at all. This labor is used to fulfill other businesses' desired operations outcomes while they are barely benefiting. The purpose of prison is supposed to be to rehabilitate the inmates. It is being used to help other businesses stay relevant by having prisoners do the work needed for a non-livable wage. Their environments in the prison facilities are not healthy enough to foster rehabilitation. What needs to be done in regard to the prison system is that our people need therapy and other services that would help them not be in that situation again.

Resources should be made available to them so that when they are released, they can live a sustainable lifestyle. We need to get our professionals in a position where they can aid our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated with the tools they need so that they can function in society and be able to be present with their families and contribute to our revolution.

Drugs are heavily talked about in today’s hip hop music. It is also being used as well unfortunately. It has added to the reason why our brothers and sisters are incarcerated today. As of 2017, Black people were being arrested for drug charges more than White people. The ratios varied:

Black (n=146) % (n)

White (n=97) % (n)


20% (29)

15% (15)


27% (40)

4% (4)


53% (77)

80% (78)

(Rosenberg et al., 2017)

The new Netflix television spin-off of Good Times, includes a toddler who sells drugs… This is being streamed all over America and regions to many demographics! Media has a way of molding our point of view and perspective. The TV show did not aid in eliminating racial stereotypes at all. With TV shows like this, it is not far-fetched that police are arresting 6-year-old children.

In Orlando of September 2023, a 6-year-old black girl was arrested for having a tantrum in school. Creating media such as the show is detrimental for our people. It could become an avenue for people to think it’s okay that young black children should be arrested. Minds are very impressionable and I am sure the little girl will need therapy after this. I hope she gets it and grows up to be a wonderful person. The outcome of her situation should have been guidance and care not an arrest.

America has been molding how they want us to be depicted since we’ve been here. The want to be white is fading, but to be lighter is still prevalent in America. All complexions are beautiful. The want for us to have straight hair or good factor is a work in progress. All black hair is beautiful.

In the media, we are portrayed as being lazy. We’ve been a part of the working class before that was a term. The government and other organizations have been social engineering us for their benefit, to maintain control and stay funded. Social engineering is the manipulation process of human behavior to gain something of value. When companies and the government are doing reconnaissance, which is the process of gathering information about an organization, a method they used to harvest information is social engineering. For an example, an organization that wasn’t associated with another organization hosted a panel for the other company to talk about their organization for the goal of collecting information for counterintelligence. You may not see this method at times as it can be a covert method. Social engineering is supposed to be covert. We can prevent social engineering by being mindful and self-aware.

Be cautious of individuals trying to gain information about you and your plans as they can use it as counterintelligence especially if you’re about the development of Black America and the rest of the diaspora.


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