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The Black Community’s Integrity Has Been Compromised

Updated: Jun 6

It’s time to repossess our reputation and respect for ourselves and officially make it ours again.

The black community has been compromised for a few hundred years now. Due to the Atlantic Slave trade taking place amongst our ancestors, our self-esteem as a collective has dwindled tremendously. We are displayed in a displeasing manner in hip-hop culture and media which has contributed to our loss of self-respect. We have an insecurity in our identity as a result of colonization and the transatlantic slave trade. We can solidify our insecurity in our identity by changing our perspective on how we view ourselves as a people. We are African homo sapiens that have the longest civilization on Earth as humans. We need to honor this truth as it would help us develop more respect for ourselves. This title belongs to us, and we need to cherish this by preserving ourselves by creating our own institutions to make sure we take care of ourselves as a people. We could create a global infrastructure that connects us together so that we can put our resources together to safeguard our health and well-being. Another way we can mitigate our identity insecurity is by embracing who we truly are. By doing this collectively, we would become representations of our true human race. Wearing the hair of other species of humans takes away from our image as a collective because we aren’t embracing our natural features. We would take back our power in being our own beauty standard as we would not be putting our black dollars in the Indian and Asian community pockets in that way. We could take the money and invest in black-created and owned products to help our global economy and increase our wealth by supporting our own. We could use that money to fund the development of our own infrastructure. We have the professionals and credentials to do it, it is a matter of unifying, developing a plan, and executing it.

We are vulnerable to social engineering that deters us from the goal of unification.

With the gender war agenda ongoing, we are still fighting colorism, featurism, and so many more among our race. It is propaganda to keep us divided and for us not to develop a sustainable and healthy life of our own that keeps our people afloat and self-sustainable by us.  They want us to keep relying on them so they can continue to deploy man-in-the-middle attacks that keep our autonomy compromised. We have to be mature and have conversations and regulations regarding our people due to the history and ongoing malicious activity towards our people. We have to educate our people so that we all understand why we are being attacked and how not to fall into the honeypots of being triggered by online and physical attacks. This aspect is about complying with our morals and values.

Our original morals and values have been intercepted, manipulated, and exploited.

In reference to the media again, we are depicted in a degrading manner. This is due to colonization. We come from a history and heritage of royalty and innovation. We have to do a lot of research and figure out what was our original standards and make them feasible in this day in age of a corrupt world. We can start with being kind towards one another, if it doesn’t work, protect your autonomy from the individuals in our community that aren’t for the safeguarding of our people. The next step is to work on our integrity. Gatekeeping is necessary when it comes to safeguarding our children for their future so they can live in this world and be able to make it better than what we can. We have to educate our children on our heritage and the past that has us in the position we are currently in. Inspire the youth to do great work with the skills and talents they have and to also develop new ones! As for the adults, we have to be accountable and better role models for the children. We can teach the kids but if we aren’t being advocates and depictions of our mission, they can lose sight of the goal at hand which is safeguarding our people. Our purpose is tied to who we are as a people. We have to figure out individually how we can contribute to our collective with the skills, knowledge, and talents that we have. For example, if you’re good at braiding, you can braid your neighbor's hair. This gives you the ability to help your neighbor embrace our culture and be a walking representative of an African human being. If you’re good at finances, you can teach financial literacy to a community of our people. It is a matter of event planning. You can even have the event online where you can reach a bigger audience of our people!


In conclusion, we have the resources to begin to build the infrastructure for our people. It’s a matter of educating and inspiring the youth along with getting the right personnel in position to make this plan a reality. How do you plan to contribute to developing a self-sustaining infrastructure for our people? We have nurses, doctors, and practitioners. We need to raise money for hospitals so we can get our professionals in a position that is worth safeguarding not only for their children but, for ourselves as well.


This article was written by Jimmia Williams.

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1 Comment

Jun 04

There’s so much encouragement here. And specific and detailed actionable steps that we can all take. This is a great post sis.

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