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The Israelite Girl's Guide Season 2 Episode 6 | A Major Key is Accountability

The circle you surround yourself with is a direct reflection of you. This is a major key to accountability.

Is your circle causing you to slip into old ways or live according to the will of The Most High?

Accountability starts with being intentional about your circle.

The circle I had when I was living according to my own will is very different from the circle I have now. That's a good thing! The circle I had prior to knowing who I was and deciding to live for YAH encouraged worldly behavior, speech, and activities. Living according to YAH's will was not a priority and was rarely discussed. It's important to ask yourself, "Is your circle a reflection of you?" "Is your circle making you better?" Sirach 6:16 says that a faithful friend is the medicine of life. And a true faithful friend will ensure that you are on track with living righteously.

What does your circle say about you?

Accountability is defined as the acceptance of responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards others. If your circle is not encouraging honest and ethical conduct, then what does that say about you? Have you truly repented or do you even want to? Is your circle living according to their own will and are they encouraging you to do the same? I've learned through my own experience that many people I used to associate with were put in my life as a test of my flesh. I just didn't know it yet. But looking back, I see that those people tests, and my circle now is truly there as a tool of accountability. Here are a couple key questions to ask: "Does your circle put YAH first?", "Does your circle seek to see our nation restored?" If you're the only one in your circle who seeks to serve YAH as a priority and restore our nation, then maybe you need a better circle. I'm not saying to cut off any meaningful relationships that you have. I'm saying to be intentional with who you decide to associate with and ensure that those around you are building you up and not pulling you down.

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