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The Dark Truth Behind Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day, a day filled with fellowship, food, and fun with friends and family. How could this annual day have something more sinister in its origins? Let's get into this dissection.

Like most American holidays, Thanksgiving has its roots in ancient festivals and idol worship. Much of America's culture and government is heavily influenced by Roman and Greek ideals. The Roman goddess of corn, Ceres, was honored during Cerealia. The Greek goddess Demeter, and her and Zeus's daughter Persephone were honored during Thesmorphia which was set aside for maidens and married women. Pigs were sacrificed and given to these gods as a sign for a successful harvest. We already know how YAH feels about the swine...

Moving on from the swine, the cornucopia which is a major symbol of Thanksgiving, also has ancient origins that should be addressed. Legend says that a magical horn was removed from a goat and given to Zeus so that no one would go hungry. As a token of appreciation, Zeus crafted the image of the goat in the night sky, and the constellation and zodiac Capricorn was birthed.

In Aztec culture, Xilonen was honored by the beheading of a young girl. What are we giving thanks for again?

In England, the Druids, a group singled out from the Christian church due to their satanic worship practices, took part in the festival Harvest Home where the last sheaf of corn, which represented the spirit of the field, was used to make a harvest doll and drenched in water as a rain charm to ward off the spirits and demons that sought to ruin the harvest.

Seems as if the origins of Thanksgiving are riddled with nothing but idol worship. We already know that YAH despises any paganism and idolatry [Exodus 20:3]. I mean why celebrate the very cause of our eviction from our land?


Paganism aside, Thanksgiving also has wicked ties to colonialism, genocide, and racism. Ironically, this has been the narrative for our indigenous and native brothers and sisters for 400 years. Sources say that the tribe who originally helped the Pilgrims enjoy their first Thanksgiving in the New World regretted their decision. I too would regret helping the genocide of my own people. Why take part in the celebration of the destruction of YAH's people. America has made sure to serve the lighter version of this holiday on the platter.

YAH is not pleased with idolatry. He is also not pleased with the nations who have aided in our demise by placing us in subjection to our own wickedness. I'm sure that everyone had off today because their Gregorian calendar told them so. YAH wants us to reject the ideals of Babylon and flee. He wants us to give Him the glory that is given to these false idols holiday after holiday.

We must ask YAH for His continued grace and mercy as we combat the evils of this realm. Remain strong in the faith, and pure in the spirit.

In Peace and Love.

Dejyah Yisraèl contributed this article through The Kingdom Magazine.

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