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I'm really on this kick of gaining more relevant education and knowledge for skills I want to work on: I found these books from a recommendation on IG and am excited to check em out

Qara’Yah Yisrael
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I believe it! I think I'm going to buy the triple planters that are made together right, but I'm going to buy four maybe five which will give me 12 flower pots and stack them! What do you think? It's that idea or buy some type of Arrogarden or a hydroponic system from Walmart, Amazon or Home Depot, the lowest price I found was $58 for 36. It looks to be made of PVC. I have beets, and avocado growing rooting now. And I bought heirloom seeds from 4Patriot, carrots, Red Sails lettuce, beets, red cherry tomatoes and zucchini!

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Shalom, sis! Connect with other members of the House in this...


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