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What character are you? A Wife or a Bad B*tch?

Thank you for tuning into AHOI Bible Study on Which character are you? A wife or a B*tch? Today, we are learning the different qualities of the biblical wife and the biblical b*tch.

Video Chapters

Welcome and Intro - 0:00

About AHOI - 12:27

Main Study Presentation - 19:29

If you would like to have the presentation for your personal study materials, you can download here:

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Dejyah YisraÈL
Dejyah YisraÈL
Feb 14, 2023

Loved this Tea Party!


Yoana AnaYah
Yoana AnaYah
Feb 09, 2023

I really enjoyed this study the saddest thing was that I seen both sides of the Character traits and was itch for period of time in my character but All praises to the Most High Yah for deliverance, repentance, and now teaching me how to be a better wife to my husband. Great lesson and great content as always. Shalom and blessings Family!

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