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We Don't Care That You're Gay... Just Shut Up!

Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul and musical icon is at risk of being canceled after a parody trans-activist group blasted the deceased singer for "perpetuating harmful anti-trans stereotypes in her 1967 hit song, "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." Although the group admitted that it is a satirical account, they do raise concerns over the delusional ideologies we see popularized in the mainstream today. You can only satire something that is true.

Many took to the comments to disagree with the tweet saying that it was ridiculous and that "you can't cancel Aretha Franklin." But this is about more than canceling a woman who stood for feminism and racial equity. This is about the dangerous mindsets of those looking to destroy the natural order of The Most High.

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We've already seen legislation take action against "natural women" by changing "mothers" to "birthing people." Not even to mention harmful advertisements alleging that women aren't the only people who experience menstrual cycles.

These are thought processes that we as NATURAL BORN WOMBEN will continue to reject in our fight towards a lifestyle, community, and nation rooted in the natural order and righteousness of The Most High. Why should we care who chooses to identify as what and who they decide to be with? When did sexual preference become a topic of discussion at every turn of the way? Even to the point of having to publicly announce in professional settings which pronouns you would like others to use in reference to you. The distortion must stop. And we cannot become complacent and lazy when it comes to standing for righteousness.

If you want to support the mission of restoring natural womanhood, femininity, community, and nationhood, visit Almighty's House of Ivriyah to learn how we are fighting against the war on natural womanhood.

In Peace and Love

Dejyah Yisrael

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