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Illinois State Attorney Files Lawsuit Against SAFE-T Act

Will County's State Attorney James Glasgow claims the SAFE-T Act is unconstitutional.

Will County's longtime State’s Attorney James Glasgow filed a lawsuit at the Will County Courthouse hoping to overturn the controversial SAFE-T-Act from being implemented in January on basis of broken constitutional violations.

He states Friday in the press release, “It is my sworn duty as Will County’s State’s Attorney to protect the people of Will County and the State of Illinois. To put it in plain and simple terms, this is not about politics; it is about public safety,” Glasgow, who is also a Democrat, “Sadly, I have received veiled threats over my opposition to this legislation, but I must put the safety of my constituents first. On this issue, I’ll grab a line from Tom Petty — "You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, and I won’t back down.’"

According to Glasgow's office, his 168-paragraph complaint explains that the legislation enacted through House Bill 3653 violates Article 4, Section 8 of the Illinois Constitution which requires that bills "shall be confined to one subject."

Tribe, do you think this Bill will be overturned?

Yoana AnaYah contributed to this article through The Kingdom Magazine.

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