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From Hot to Wholesome

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I think every virtuous woman’s story starts the same but is unique to them. My journey to virtuosity started in hurt, pain, and self actualization. I was raised in a conservative household by a Christian family who upheld the values that The Most High has instilled in all of us. Like most children with strict parents, I could not wait to leave home and begin forging my own way under my own terms. These terms were quite different from the values that I was raised upon.

High school gave me a glimpse of certain freedoms, but college allowed me the opportunity to truly make my own decisions and abide by my own code of ethics. I didn’t see any problem with the life I was living, regardless of the negative spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional effects it caused. I was having fun. It’s what you do when you’re young and you’re free.

But over time, I could feel the light inside of me becoming dimmer and dimmer. I didn’t have joy.

I rarely had happiness. Most times I was sad and caught up in comparing myself to others' false reality of happiness. Everyone was pretending to be alright, when they were far from that. After I had gotten my fair share of heart breaks, disappointments, emptiness, and sadness; I decided that this was not the life I wanted to live. And I realized that The Most High and my family wanted better for me.

So I began the work of returning back to a state of virtue.

Proverbs 31 became the template I’d model my life after. The Word became my guide for how to live my life. And it wasn’t easy purging myself of the things of this world. But the transition from hot to wholesome proved to be more than just a test, it was a course I needed to follow to realign with the Eternal Creator.

I will never be in a state of perfection, but striving for perfection continually is how I will stay on this path of righteousness. Surrounding myself with like minded womben and mentors will help hold me accountable to this life of virtue.

I am grateful that The Most High has called me to this purpose, because now I have the ability to be a mentor just in the same way that I’ve been mentored.

Everyone needs a village, and now it’s time for us to build ours.

In Peace and Love,

Chief of Operations, The Kingdom Magazine

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