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I do not want today to be the last day of the weekend ew. Idk what it was about last week but I just felt super overwhelmed, overstimulated, over notified, and under appreciated. Each week I get closer and closer to being like f it I don’t wanna work here but I don’t wanna be unreasonable or selfish because everyone tells me my job isn’t that bad, which it isn’t and there’s really nothing to complain about but I just hate doing work that is meaningless when I could be doing much more for my people but the job is how I’m able to contribute more to my people so it’s this annoying paradox everyday. I’m just praying that if it be YAH’s will, He bursts open this well because I’m tired of pretending to care about stuff I don’t care about and engage with people who I don’t care to be around.

I could use some encouragement and a lot of prayers 😥

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