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Shalom sisters💕 I wanted to share my experience here in the UK London. The authorities broke down the door to my apartment unfairly (and violently), after satanic neighbours reported "concerns" for my well-being due to my fervent prayers. 🙄They took me into a hospital, but The Lord confirmed I should go with them (Matthew 4:1). 🙏🏽I've had my food badly poisoned, been cold in the dark with no charged phone and mass attacks from energy vamps after my hospital release. Now I'm in the wilderness/countryside away from London city living in hotels and airbnbs saving up for a new home; God has beeen providing🙌🏽. I believe God is gradually pruning and preparing me to integrate into the nation 💪🏽. I explain my situation more in my YouTube video here: 🕊 If anyone is led to donate, please feel free to here (God bless your seed hundredfold🌱💯): Thanks for reading🤍 I welcome any prayers and encouragement!

MayimYah Ahava Baht Yisrael
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