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Peace and Blessings! Do a lot of you wear jewelry and makeup? I typically will wear mascara and lip gloss some days and occasionally bronzer or blush. I have ear piercings that I try to keep to just small studs. I also have a nose piercing and a septum piercing. Is the makeup and jewelry something we should not partake in as we continue to grow and learn in this truth? I hear different viewpoints and just was wondering the thoughts of the other sisters. Specifically as it relates to Isaiah 3: 16-24 where it God is speaking to/about the Daughters of Zion.

Zhateyah YisraEl
Dejyah YisraÈL
24 ביוני 2023

My eyebrows have always been thin so Maybelline has been a good friend since 15. I hate thick dark unnatural look, so I fill in the sparseness lightly, since my brows aren't black, I buy brown/black. I use mascara sometimes with eyeliner, and a good gloss. Occasionally I put on lipstick (reds). I told my daughters now my oldest granddaughter, makeup is to accentuate your looks, it's not meant to make a whole new face!



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