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Dejyah YisraÈL
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Shalom Sistahs!!

Tonight's open mic fellowship event was so beautiful thank you for those who attended and participated.

Here is the recording if you came in late, weren't able to attend, or just want to rewatch 💜

Yoana AnaYah
Yoana AnaYah
Yoana AnaYah
Dec 15, 2023

Shalom Sistahs, I just watched the replay and what a blessing it was to see all of your gifts and talents. This was a remarkable yet amazing experience. I’m truly grateful that we all have been able to share our testimonies in such richness with art onto the The Most High! Every Sister there had me praising the Most High, some made me cry and some really made me Think. I really appreciated how much support and encouragement you all gave to myself and others. (Thank you for patiently waiting for me to join) I’m an looking forward to the Next Session, AHOI mix or mixtape, definitely supporting the artists who have work completed and encouraged to pray about this AHOI retreat. All of you are amazing, blessed, and beautiful! All Praises to the Most High for Our Nation Building thru this Sisterhood at AHOI. Shalom and blessings 👏🏽👏🏽🌸💕✊🏽



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