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Prayer Warriors & Weeping Women

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Prayer from Sister @Yoana AnaYah

Abba El Elyon, I pray for justice for those wrongfully murdered, persecuted, tortured and dealing with Warfare. I pray for those that worship false demonic Gods to Repent of them, destroy them with the Ruach fire and return to TMH is spirit and in truth. I pray for the families that have lost love ones in the recent firestorms, floods, and earthquakes be with them Abba, comfort them.

I pray for the dollar to not convert digitally until You ABBA allow it. I pray against another plandemic for these serpents elections. I pray that the plans of enemies against us (Yisrael) and gentiles will cease and may they fall to their own snares and traps. For those to Repent and return to You if they chosen by You Abba Yahuah Elohayka. I pray that more than enough prayer warriors, laborers and servants will rise for the coming harvest, more believers, warriors and soldiers will rise for spiritual Battle, and I pray for divine intervention with your Spiritual Armor according to Ephesians 6:13-18 and protection for those you have Chosen. We loose your mighty warriors Angels and Host of legions Angelic sheriffs to fight for us against this enemy and his minions and Send to the feet of Yahusha for destructional Judgment! I pray that you save as many souls that want to be saved as you can. In Yahusha Ha’mashiach Name. So be it. Halleluyah.

Yoana AnaYah
Karimah Rembert
Destiny Castillo


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