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Prayer Warriors & Weeping Women

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I ask for sincere prayers with me actually not being on social media but only attending videos from @almightyshouse @nubreed the Sabbath Bible study etc. I'm fighting things with Yah and I know true prayer warriors will make a change and Yah will hear our prayers from our Nation. I sincerely appreciate it. I've been receiving so many downloads from Yah. I love our Nation, however, I need my Sistahs right now. Battling with the armor of Yah on at all times but it helps to have extra support with prayers. I love you all Sistahs🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤎🤎🌸💕🌺

Yoana AnaYah
Dejyah YisraÈL
Destiny Castillo
Yoana AnaYah
Yoana AnaYah
20 jul 2023

Definitely prayers going up sis💯

Me gusta


Praying for the strength and renewal of the Nation, our sist...
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