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Family facetime w/ OUR founders

The best way to know what happens within the community is to engage, experience, and listen to the community. Family Facetime is a series of Instagram lives led by our founders with call-ins from our Ivriy community talking about Ivriy news, entertainment, culture, and more. 

Keep up with our founders on instagram to join the Family Facetimes. 

The terrible relationships between black men and black women. What is causing this and how can we fix it?

Please be advised that explicit language and content is contained on this episode of Family Facetime. 17+ Age Recommended.


Tila tequila. sem or shem? and the synagogue of satan.

Just a spirit led conversation checking Tila Tequila and her bewildering comments regarding the Daughters of Zion and the Chosen Children of YAH.

Tila Tequila Family FaceTime.png

"To not call your people is failure."

Just a spirit led conversation about the freedom of our people stemming from the review and dissection of Nick Cannon's Cannon's Class w/ KRS ONE. 

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